What We’re Following – Books, Podcasts, Movies, and TV

woman wearing headphones while working on her laptop in the library

With so many fascinating things to read, listen to, and watch, we thought we’d share some we found intriguing lately. A partial roundup from the CFW team:

  • Books. American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins. “I read this in my book club, and it gave me an entirely new perspective on immigration from Mexico.” (Laura H.) Minor Feelings: An Asian American Reckoning by Cathy Park Hong. (Carolyn G.) Leadership in Turbulent Times by Doris Kearns Goodwin. “Eerie how history repeats itself. (Laurie W.) Anne Grady’s Mind Over Moment and Amy Morin’s 13 Things Strong Women Do. (Amy C.) “Great reads for Mental Health Awareness month.”
  • Podcasts. Psychologist Alison Gopnick about ‘beginner’s mind’ on the Ezra Klein Show. (Carolyn G.) How to avoid raising entitled kids on Raising Good Humans with Dr. Aliza. (Wendy M.)
  • Movies/TV. Call the Midwife. “At its core it is about women helping women, and that’s what appeals to me most!” (Laura H.) Judas and the Black Messiah. “I’m a big fan of Daniel Kaluuya.” (Laurie W.) Nomadland, “Everyone should see this movie about the importance of varied perspectives and ‘home’ not being the same for everyone.” (Wendy M.)

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