Smart Women Finish Rich With David Bach | 2012 Session

David Bach

Did you know that:

– Women own over 10 million businesses

– 40% of American moms are the primary breadwinners; and

– Women have consistently outperformed male investors over the last 20 years?

In this session, America’s leading financial expert David Bach will share seven concrete steps to help you achieve financial security so you can live rich and finish rich.

We will explore everything from debt to investing and retirement.

DAVID BACH has written twelve national bestselling books, including ten consecutive New York Times bestsellers, and twelve Wall Street Journal bestsellers, with over seven million books in print, translated into 19 languages. He is one of the only authors in history to have four books simultaneously on the Wall Street Journal, Business Week and USA Today bestseller lists. His book Smart Women Finish Rich is one of the most popular books for women ever written having spent over a decade on the bestseller lists, with over a million copies sold. Over the past two decades Bach has impacted over one hundred million people through his books, podcast, seminars, speeches, newsletter and thousands of media appearances. He has been a contributor to NBC’s Today Show appearing more than 100 times, and a regular on The Oprah Winfrey Show where he appeared six times to share his strategies for living and finishing rich. Since 1994, Bach has been teaching people how to be smarter with their money. An internationally renowned motivational and financial speaker, he has spoken around the world and taught over a half million people. His FinishRich Seminars® featuring Smart Women Finish Rich® and Smart Couples Finish Rich® have been taught by thousands of financial advisors throughout North America with over a half million additional attendees. Bach is the founder of FinishRich Media, and was previously an SVP of The Bach Group at Morgan Stanley, which managed over a half billion dollars for individuals during his tenure (1993 to 2001). Today, Bach is the co-founder of AE Wealth Management, and the director of advisor and investor education. @AuthorDavidBach