Readers Share: “What My Mom Taught Me”

Happy Mother's Day vector art with diverse women and flowers

In honor of Mother’s Day, readers shared stories this month about some of the most important lessons they learned from their mothers. Here are their responses, lightly edited for brevity. Thanks to all who wrote in!

  • “What makes your heart sing? Then do that!” – Emily Bass
  • “Live your life with dignity. My mother grew up in poverty in Mexico and came to America at a young age. No matter what resources we may have lacked growing up, we ALWAYS dressed nice and presentable. Even though she had minimal education, she was always sophisticated and proud and confident. – Elizabeth Herrera
  • “Women don’t have to put up with crap anymore.” – Julie Sarsynski
  • “Hold your head high, and those around you will assume you feel good about yourself…and they will take your lead.” We lost Mom during the pandemic last fall. Mom lived with her head held high, leading the march toward equality for all. She died knowing that on her birthday, January 20th, Kamala Harris would take her seat at the table as the first female Vice President. – Meghan Cary
  • “Treat others as you would want to be treated.” – Stephanie Mills Herod
  • “Live life to the fullest with joy and a smile.” My mom’s can-do attitude and that everything will pass with time still resonate in my head. I am super proud of what she has taught me and how much she has invested in me. – Lalitha Krishnamoorthy
  • “A woman is a cook in the kitchen, a lady in the parlor, a lover in the bedroom, and a leader in the world. And one should not get their rooms confused.” – Miriam Briscoe
  • “Be kind and have faith.” –Elizabeth
  • “Volunteer Service.” I remember watching her volunteering her service within the community as a young girl and realizing she had a voice that could impact change. This was a great lesson not only of words but actions. – Deborah Jones
  • “Be as independent as you can. The more independent you are, the more your happiness is in your hands.” – Lalli Flores Jimenez
  • “To love another, you must first love yourself!” She just passed in September. – Kristine Brugger
  • “Always leave the party when you’re having a good time” I have utilized this advice my whole life, and it has always done me well. It is really all about enjoying the journey and focusing less on the final outcome. – Alison MacCulloch

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