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Creating a Culture of Compassion

Replay now available!

Creating a Culture of Compassion with Betty Hart, Damon Deaner, Thalia Mingo, and Jocelyn Williams

We are living in an era where ideological differences often collide, and “cancelling” is common practice. So, how can we possibly advance justice, equity and inclusion when we are confined within such a volatile and highly divisive climate, where relations are strained and people are fearful to take action or engage in conversations?

Betty Hart, thought leader, theater artist, and diversity advocate and facilitator, offers an approach in this session of our Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Series. In this session, Hart deconstructs the practice of “cancel culture” and offers real-life examples for using compassion and curiosity (not shame) to drive understanding, connection, and accountability.

Panel executives Damon Deaner, IBM Employee Experience leader, Thalia Mingo, American Global lead for Bristol Myers Squibb Network of Women, and Jocelyn Williams, business diversity and inclusion leader for Raytheon Intelligence & Space, also offer insights for creating a culture of compassion within the workplace, community, and home.

Want to learn more? Check out the replay below where we’ll explore:

  • The importance of being willing to ask questions
  • How to listen to understand, and
  • Ways we can effectively coexist with those who believe differently, live differently, and speak differently than us.