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Inequality of Emotional Labor: How It Affects Future Careers for Moms (Article)

Learn three ways to help regulate the emotions of yourself and others in the workplace to make work more "enjoyable."
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How To Get Back to Work After a Career Break (TED Talk)

Learn why career reentry expert Carol Fishman Cohen suggests considering an internship if you've taken a career break and are now looking to return to the workforce.
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Get ready to shine after a career break with reacHIRE (Guide)

reacHIRE provides access to FREE, in-depth training programs, ongoing professional support and a community of talented, accomplished professionals.
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Life at a Crossroads: Choosing a Different Path (Breakout Session)

Bestselling author, playwright and screenwriter Delia Ephron explores the crossroads of life and offers her insight as to how to find the courage and imagination to take a different path.
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Erica Williams Simon

Navigating Transitions in Unpredictable Times (Podcast)

Erica Williams Simon shares practical strategies to help you shut out the noise, overcome fear of the unknown and identify your next steps.
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Why You May Be Better Equipped to Navigate Today’s Changes Than You Think (Article)

The skills you need to deal with today’s unexpected changes are the same as the skills you likely have already tapped to create positive changes in your life. In other words, you may be a bit more prepared for the turmoil of 2020 than you think.
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Who Do You Want to Be When This Is Over? (Article)

There’s a difference between being a go-getter and being gutsy, Reshma Saujani, CEO of Girls Who Code, observes in her book, Brave Not Perfect. “So many women stick to doing only the things at which they excel, rarely going beyond what makes them feel confident and comfortable,” she writes.
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Annie Duke

"How to Decide" by Annie Duke (Book Reading)

Author and former professional poker player Annie Duke reads an excerpt from her book “How to Decide” for attendees of the 2020 Virtual Pennsylvania Conference for Women.
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