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colleagues celebrating in office

The Business Case for Employer Return to Work Programs (iRelaunch)

Looking to make a case to your leadership as to why your organization should have an in-house return to work program? Check out iRelaunch's business case!
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Return-to-Work Programs Come of Age (Article)

As the economy rebounds, learn how return-to-work programs can help lure back mid-career professionals who've spent a few years away from the workforce — including millions of women who left to provide for their families when schools and other support systems closed.
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Authentic Leadership panel discussion with Lesley Jane Seymour, Hannah Grove, Carla Harris, and Nina Tassle

How to Become an Authentic Leader (Panel Discussion)

Learn invaluable lessons for eliminating feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy and achieving authentic leadership with some of today’s most prominent women featuring Lesley Jane Seymour, Hannah Grove, Carla Harris, and Nina Tassle.
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Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell on Bold Leadership in a New World of Work (Podcast)

Explore ways for keeping your teams active, engaged, productive and growing in this post-pandemic new world of work with world renowned journalist and best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell.
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Michelle Howard

What One of the Highest-Ranking Women in the Military Learned about Leadership (Article)

Learn why you must "get your warrior on" and self-motivate in order to lead through change and surprises with Michelle Howard, the first four-star admiral woman in the U.S. Navy.
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Michelle Draper

The Q&A on Communicating and Leading in a Crisis (Article)

Learn effective communication strategies for leading in times of crisis with Silicon Valley Bank marketing and strategy leader Michelle Draper.
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Alicia Menendez

"The Likeability Trap" by Alicia Menendez (Book Reading)

Join award-winning journalist Alicia Menendez as she reads an excerpt from her book, "The Likeability Trap" for attendees of the 2020 Virtual Texas Conference for Women.
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Pat Mitchell

"Becoming a Dangerous Woman" by Pat Mitchell (Book Reading)

Join Pat Mitchell, the first female president of CNN Productions and PBS, co-founder and curator of TEDWomen, and global advocate for women's rights as she discusses her book "Becoming a Dangerous Women".
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