Build Your Persuasive Power — Podcast with Amy Richards

Richards, AmyLearning to lead means building consensus. In this episode of Conference for Women’s radio show, “Office Hours,” author Amy Richards explains how you can strategically bring people around to your way of thinking.

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Richards has spent years honing her powers of persuasion as an author, activist, and cofounder of the Third Wave Foundation, which organizes and empowers young feminists 15 to 30 years old.

Some key lessons:

—First and foremost, listen; it’s your job to make your story fit into the other person’s narrative.

—Stories are more convincing than statistics. Tailor your stories to the specific context you’re in.

—Don’t spend all your time trying to convince people; accept that sometimes you won’t be liked and make the tough decisions anyway.

—Bottling up your emotions at work can be counterproductive; let them out, but in ways that are appropriate for your particular situation.

—Be ready to network in all situations. “The most personal settings can be, sometimes, the most professionally profound.”

—The most senior person in the room is not necessarily going to be the biggest help to you. Look a little down the ladder for contacts with staying power.

About Amy Richards: After graduating cum laude from Barnard College in 1992 with a degree in Art History, Amy Richards embarked on an unexpected career as a feminist activist, writer, and organizer. What began as a summer project, Freedom Summer ’92, a cross-country voter registration drive, eventually led Amy to co-found the Third Wave Foundation, a national organization for young feminist activists between the ages of 15 and 30. Amy’s leadership and visionary work launched her as a primary spokesperson and leading voice for contemporary feminist issues.


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