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Brave Dialogues: Having Difficult Conversations


Hate crimes, racism, sexism, mass shootings, homophobia, transphobia – these issues are front and center for discussion everywhere — except in the workplace. Hence, in this episode of our Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Series, inclusive leadership expert Michelle Kim explored why we often pull back from having these conversations and offered solutions for altering our communication so that our teams and peers feel acknowledged, supported, and able to thrive.

Following her remarks, a panel of executives — featuring Trish Foster, Bentley University’s executive director for the Center for Women and Business (CWB), Paul Francisco, State Street’s global chief diversity officer and head of workforce development, and Donna Tiner, Liberty Mutual Insurance’s vice president and manager of financial services for global risk solutions joined Kim to share their best practices and lessons learned for helping to create compassionate and safe spaces that allow us to truly listen and engage in open and honest dialogue on such difficult issues. You can catch the replay below.