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Black Fatigue: Racism and Its Impacts On Mental Health

Black Fatigue: Racism And Its Impacts On Mental Health | Justice, Equity & Inclusion Series

Racism erodes the mind, body, and spirit leaving lasting impacts on the health, productivity, and overall success for those on the receiving end, resulting in Black intergenerational fatigue.

In this episode of our Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Series, Black Fatigue author Mary-Frances Winters shed light on the impact of Black fatigue — not only on Black people, but on society as a whole. She explored the physiological and psychological impacts of racism and offered strategies to manage it in this current racial climate. She also provided ways to ensure self-care is a priority for Black people and people of color, and identified actions for allyship.

Following Winters’ presentation, she was joined by Kimberly Atkins, senior opinion writer at The Boston Globe and MSNBC contributor for a thought-provoking conversation on the perpetuation of racist systems, the racial disparities on Black people and people of color, and the critical state of mental health as a result of social and racial injustice. The replay is available below.