Transform & Glow: Mastering the Art of Self-Healing

In the current, frenetic climate, self-care is more essential than ever, but few of us have the tool kit necessary to nurture ourselves. Stripped of her job and grappling with resurfaced traumas during the pandemic, Tara Schuster faced a reckoning that led to radical self-healing. Sharing her time-tested strategies, Tara will address the root causes of anxiety and how to navigate through trauma to move beyond feeling emotionally drained and directionless and find a purpose greater than yourself. This workshop offers access to the self-care superpowers needed to reclaim your authentic self and reignite your inner light. Prepare to be empowered and come ready to glow!

Speaker: Tara Schuster, best-selling Author, Former VP, Client Development, Comedy Central

Host: Kajal Gupta, Small Business Strategy & Initiatives Executive, Bank of America