LEADERSHIP | Inclusion Revolution: How to Dismantle Inequalities at Work

There is no question that inclusion is imperative for the modern workplace. Yet, despite good intentions, many leaders are unprepared for their vital role in reducing barriers for others and the realities of challenging the status quo. Daisy Auger-Domínguez shares her compassionate and transparent approach to ensuring that everyone feels heard, seen, and valued at work. Join this session to learn about engaging in the complex work of allyship and persisting until fairness, justice, equity, and inclusion are the experience of all.

Speaker:  Daisy Auger-Domínguez, chief people officer, VICE Media Group @daisyad

Session Host:  Valerie Brown, SVP, quality assurance, pharmaceutical development & manufacturing, Gilead Sciences, Inc. @gileadsciences

Sponsor Spotlight:  Carla Wright-Jukes, senior manager, customer experience, Cisco Systems @cisco